January 11, 2018

Things to do before boarding your dog in Kennel

Below are the things we recommend you to do before leaving your dog in a boarding facility: 1. Visit along with your dog – You must visit the facility along with your dog. You should see how comfortable he/she is at this new place. You should also ask questions around what to expect from them. 2. Try day boarding or short stay – It might be a good idea to leave your dog for day […]
September 27, 2017

5 Simple tips to keep your pet clean

Comb regularly Combing the pet’s fur regularly keeps the coat clean as it removes some dirt through comb. It also helps in removing dead hair and stimulates the skin. To choose the kind of hair brush please follow this. Photo Credit: Japan Trend Shop Clean the ears The ears of the dogs should be cleaned from inside with the wet and soft cotton or to do it in a better way, choose an ear cleaning […]
September 27, 2017

How to Toilet Train your Dogs

Puppies till the age of 6 months urinate often and these are the initial few months when they can be trained easily. Sadly, new dog owners become impatient and end up giving-up the dog thinking the dog is stubborn or dumb. But the fact is that puppies have soft bladder like infants and they tend to have urine pressure after eating or playing. So, the key is to take your puppy at the designated spot […]
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