Best dog boarding for your dog in Bangalore

It is a stressful activity to find the right dog boarding facility for many pet parents. Below are few things you should consider before selecting the best dog boarding facility for your dog:


  • Hygiene – You want your dog to be healthy during the stay. You should look if the place is cleaned properly and frequently. Dogs usually relieve themselves in the play area, facility caretakers need to remove the same immediately. Also, the facility should be cleaned with Kennel floor cleaned to mitigate bacterias on daily basis.
  • SafetyFacility should not have any unnecessary items or construction which might harm them during stay. It is also important that other inmates are friendly and they don’t get into a fight. Female dogs on heat must be kept separately. There must be people around all the time to make sure dogs are not getting into any trouble. It is good if a facility has CCTV cameras.
  • Play areaDogs are a social animal who enjoy the company of other dogs and people. It is important that facility has enough play area for them to run around and socialize. A friendly play area ensures dogs get enough exercise. Having toys around is a plus.
  • Sleep areaSleep area must be cozy and spacious. The room should be properly ventilated but not windy. It could be a good idea to have a separate kennel for them to stay at night to ensure they don’t disturb each other.
  • Food optionsFacility must provide healthy and fresh food only. Food must be properly cooked and served at right temperature. Food must be served separately as dogs might for food sometime. You should clearly share your dog’s food preferences and allergies if any before boarding.  
  • Medical attentionTeam should have an on-call veterinary to provide assistance at any hour also a clinic nearby for checkup and treatment as required. The facility should have first aid box available all the time.
  • Knowledge and careTeam should have a basic understanding of dog’s behavior and their needs. Dogs are like us in many ways, each of them having their own personality, liking and disliking. Caretakers should be able to understand them and provide right care.
  • Compassion The most important thing to look for in the dog boarding place is compassion. Caretakers should really love dogs from their heart. Compassion gives them the patience to deal with dogs even when they are being naughty. It ensures that they are being loved and cared as they are at home around you.

At Puppyoye dog boarding and dog park, we ensure all of above criteria are met. We keep the facility clean all the time. Poop is removed immediately and the facility is cleaned with disinfectant on daily basis. A facility at Puppyoye dog boarding and dog park is made in a way that dogs can be separated based on their size, age, gender in different areas to make it safer for them. CCTV cameras are installed to capture every moment for any reference. We also keep sending photos and videos on a daily basis so that parents are informed. Sleep area at Puppyoye dog boarding has separate kennels to make sure they don’t disturb each other at night. We provide freshly cooked homemade food and ensure nothing which is not suitable for your pooch is served. Every staff at Puppyoye dog boarding and dog park has one thing in common – Compassion for our four-legged friend. This ensures that your pooch gets all the love and care, they need while you are away.

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