Dog Park

Dog Park: Dogs need exercise and have to be socialized for a healthy body. For many pet parents, it is difficult to find an open place where they can let their dogs run free and play. At Puppyoye we have exclusive park for your dog/s with large play area, toys and full time supervision. Park has internal fencing to separate dogs based on their size, age or gender. You can book the time slot in advance and bring your dogs to let them play as they want.

Puppyoye Pet or Dog Park is suitable for dogs to play, exercise, socialize, and have fun. The dog playground area has large open space, shaded areas, with gates, and many nimbleness types of equipment.

Your dog will get to enjoy playing on dog walk ramp, moving paws, doggie jump nets, doggie crawl, dog bounce bar, weave posts,  pet rest table, and pet see-saw. The increased standard of physical activities and socialization reduce personality issues in pets.

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